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cpplus cctv distributor dubaiCpPLUS CCTV Dubai

CP plus provides Advanced Surveillance & Security Solution since 2007, with vision and commitment to make Surveillance Security Solution simpler and affordable. The comprehensive range of products & solutions are monitoring & securing millions of locations across the globe in diverse geographies, from highly sensitive Defense locations, Government Buildings, Vital Infrastructures to Transportation, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational institutes to Homes, with highly satisfied customer base

CP Plus has just been a Brand Name which they have done Branding and Spent Lavish Money on advertising but it doesn’t really have Great Product Quality and when Spoken about Service and Replacements, they are really bad at it. CP PLUS provides Advanced Surveillance & Security Solution since 2007, with vision and commitment to make Surveillance Security Solution simpler and affordable. The comprehensive range of products & solutions are monitoring & securing millions of locations across the globe in diverse geographies, from highly sensitive Defense locations, Government Buildings, Vital Infrastructures to Transportation, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational institutes to Homes, with highly satisfied customer base.

CP Plus is a well-known brand in CCTV cameras. In CCTV cameras CP Plus is known as a brand leader. The brand which has given a lot of new products in the market. The price of CP Plus camera is also very competitive when compared with other well-known brands. People looking for a quality product always go with CP Plus brand. CP Plus camera prices are very low. We can provide you CP Plus CCTV price list with complete details. CP PLUS offers a one-stop shop for all your surveillance needs. Choose from a wide portfolio of products, including analog & IP cameras, body worn solutions, covert cameras, time & attendance solutions, home automation solutions, video door phones, and related accessories.

CP PLUS IP technology camera comes in various categories i.e. Network IP Cameras, PTZ Camera, NVR (Network Video recorder). They have HD image with wide dynamic range, an image sensor, and less light vision, tampering alarm, tripwire, dual stream encoding, motion, audio and fiscal detection etc. They are available in both wired and wireless system. IP camera comes with different resolutions and wide camera ranges.

CP PLUS HD technology camera comes with different categories i.e. Analog HD Camera, HD DVR (High Definition Digital Video Recorder) and Analog PTZ Camera with high-quality HD security system. They are available in different resolutions and camera range with the high-quality image.

What is CP Plus?

CP PLUS is a leading security management company which offers the board range of advanced security and surveillance products and solutions across the global market to create a safe environment through their information security management system. Their advanced products and solutions with intelligent security system are installed in different places of the world in order to provide enhanced security and monitoring. They have huge global customer base in various economic sectors like infrastructures and transportations, hotels, banking, business and corporate world, industries, hospitals and medical centers, school, colleges and universities, government buildings, police, parking areas, malls and shopping complexes, highly sensitive defense locations, law enforcement, homes security solutions and public areas, shopping and retails etc.

CP PLUS products and solutions hold ISO certifications and recently certified with “ISO/IEC 27001:2013” and other international certifications like Quality Management System Certification, RoHS, FCC, CE, UL etc.

CP PLUS’s other security products and devices include CCTV cameras, Analog HD camera, IP video surveillance camera, Speed Dome camera, Network camera, Network Video Recorder (NVR), Video Door Phones, Home Automation solutions, Digital Locks, customized enterprise-level security systems, accessories, Encoders, Time & Attendance solutions, Mobile Surveillance, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) etc.

CP PLUS has a global market in security solutions and they are wide spreading their presence in different parts of the world. They have their offices in Eastern Europe, Australia, Germany, Middle East, Czech Republic, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Video amplifiers and Splitters

If you are deciding on installing more than one CP PLUS, you might want to have a splitter. It helps you view the input from more than one camera on one single monitor. Amplifiers help to amplify the signals when the cable runs long and the signal isn’t as strong on both the ends.

Power supply

Ensure that you have proper power supply before you install CP PLUS. You must have a continuous and uninterrupted supply so as to record everything.

Mounting brackets and housings

If you have to mount the CP PLUS at a height, then you need to buy brackets and if you are mounting it on exterior areas, it might be exposed to a lot of natural elements. Thus, to protect it from all that it is better to have housings for these cameras.

Cables, connectors and wires

We have now mentioned most of the necessary elements and all that is left is the common things for any electronic item. Wires, connectors and cables for attaching it to various things like the monitor, power supply port etc.

Now here are the pros and cons of installing a CP PLUS that you should look out for before actually beginning to use it. The following pertains to both business users and, CP PLUS used in houses or housing colonies.


  1. Schools

Installing CP PLUS CCTV in each and every classroom can help the management to curb mishaps that happen in schools. Both students and teachers will be extra cautious with their behavior during classes. If in case unwanted incidents take place, with CP PLUS CCTV footage, probing into them becomes easier.

  1. Helps in gathering evidence

It is a fact that CP PLUS CCTV can help curb crimes and mishaps but it cannot completely stop it. However, the CCTV footage plays an important role in gathering evidence. Anything and everything recorded by the camera during a crime in the crime scene is considered as evidence against whoever is convicted.

  1. Crime Records

Though CP PLUS CCTV cannot completely stop crime at all times, it can put the criminals off-guard for a while and also, as the biggest advantage, record the faces of the criminals for future reference and at most times, this ends up acting as a help in finding that face in reality.

  1. Keep records for future use

If there arises a sudden requirement for you to see what happened outside your home or your business place for any possible reason, you don’t need to be dependent on your watchman or a passerby if you have a CP PLUS. Everything that has happened during the period from when the camera is there can be recorded and saved for future viewing purposes.

  1. Maintaining rules and regulation in public place

Public violations of rules like trespassing a signal, jumping red lights, speeding, hit and run all can be controlled if they’re aware of the presence of a camera looking down at all their actions.


  1. Privacy infringement

The first and major disadvantage of installing a camera for surveillance is, it comes with a risk of individual’s right to a privacy breach.

  • Business- when you decide to install a camera at your place of business, you will be now breaching the basic right of privacy of your employees. This might make them conscious of their surroundings and also control their actions and all this might eventually affect their performance at the place of work.
  • Schools- By installing cameras in all classes, you are directly giving out the message that the management does not trust the teachers or the students. It might also make the teachers aware of its presence and affect their teaching.
  1. Abusing the records

Though the maintenance of records by the CP PLUS CCTV can act as an advantage, it can also turn against you if anyone else from outside gets hold of essential information about your business, through the CCTV. This kind of happenings most definitely falls on the cons list.

  1. Can curb but can’t stop

The presence of surveillance cameras can only put the offender off-guard. It can never make them completely stop what they are about to do. For instance, the presence of CP PLUS CCTV could not stop terrorists from bombing at various places.

  1. Quality issue

CCTV can record everything and can be used for future reference, can be used to gather evidence etc. However, the quality of evidence is often given up on. Many a time’s lacks of clarity in recorded footage work in favour of the criminals and justice cannot be done.

  1. Not an economic option

If you have to ensure high quality recording and install cameras to record every action that goes on inside your work/home parameter, then these CP PLUS are surely going to burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. Can be manipulated and destroyed

Though cameras and its recordings are considered a powerful piece of evidence and can be kept for a long term, it can still be destroyed and also can be hacked. An intelligent intruder can pretty easily disable the camera or get hold of the recordings later and destroy it, to his advantage.

Get the Facts About CP PLUS CCTV Cameras

With the advancement in technology criminal procedures have also become more advanced. This is why the use of CP PLUS CCTV as a means of security surveillance has increased in recent years. CP PLUS CCTV cameras are used for spy and surveillance purposes alike. These stealth cameras are sometimes disguised whereas at other times they are placed in obvious locations to ward of the security threat. Nonetheless, it is the highly advanced low light monochrome camera that provides the ideal security back up.

Some facts about the CP PLUS CCTV cameras

The CP PLUS sends out video signals that are directly encoded and fed to a 110-volt power line. You will find all kinds of such cameras out there to come with a companion decoder. This device can plug anywhere including an ordinary television set at your home. These cameras make use of line-level RCA type cables which are the standard cables for all kinds of video output. One of the most advantageous facts about CP PLUS CCTV cameras is the use of infrared technology. This advanced technology gives these cameras the ability to pick up crystal clear video images even in total darkness. The best of CP PLUS CCTV cameras will be able to pick up images in pitch dark up to a distance of thirty feet.

One of the things that have led to the widespread use of CP PLUS cameras is their durability. You will be able to find such that have the ability to operate when situated at a distance of up to two thousand feet from AC wiring. CP PLUS CCTV cameras will also be able to deliver you top quality picture even when the power lines are loaded with other heavy electronics. Another plus point of the CP PLUS camera collection is its ability to capture images in an incredible wide-angle view.

The technology embedded in CP PLUS CCTV cameras enables them to pick up even the slightest of changes. They are highly sensitive and will be able to deliver you clear images even in total darkness. Some such cameras give you the ability to increase their infrared capability by adding supplemental infrared floodlights.

CP PLUS CCTV cameras are incredibly versatile when it comes to their usability. The fact that you can directly record the captured image onto your home VCR makes it very convenient. Plus the fact that you can use your very own TV set for monitoring purposes.

The latest releases of CP PLUS cameras provide the ultimate security solutions for homeowners and business enterprises alike. Interested individuals can take advantage of the easy availability of these through the internet. There are a plethora of choices for those seeking CP PLUS CCTV cameras with the different models having varying features. You can check to see which CP PLUS CCTV camera meets your requirements and pick up a bargain deal using the internet. Rest assured you will be able to find one that meets your requirements and fits your budget. Choosing the right kind of CP PLUS to be used in your home is a very important decision to make. It is not something that you should take lightly; you need to consider a lot of things which will determine the overall security you will have at home.