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A good security camera system will offer the best value for money without compromise on the quality. There are many products available on the market which makes it very difficult to identify what products are suitable for your requirement. Sometimes, it is equally difficult to identify areas that are vulnerable and a suitable CCTV camera to target that area. Most people forget that a CCTV camera system is a long term investment and they should discuss their requirements with a technical sales person before they make the purchase.You should be aware there are many types of CCTV systems available on the market; these range from cheap CCTV systems for basic monitoring, best value security camera systems for some form of identification and to high resolution security systems that lead to identification and prosecution.

Selecting the most suitable CCTV system is a compromise between the quality, area you want to cover and the overall budget. It is advisable that you have a in-depth discussion with the technical sales person before you select the security cameras or the DIY CCTV system you need. A good technical person will try to understand your need, explain the difference between the various CCTV cameras before any recommendation.

As a leading CCTV Distributor in Dubai, we carry several Top brands in the security industry.Our CCTV product portfolio includes Honeywell CCTV, Samsung CCTV, Dahua CCTV, Milesight CCTV, Bosch CCTV, CpPLUS CCTV, UNV CCTV,  and Hikvision CCTV Products. We are well known for offering the Best CCTV prices in UAE.  In the recent times, there is an explosion in CCTV Technology and products. CTTV Product models are changing so fast and because of this reason even the well technical people cant cope with the speed of changes. IP Cameras are common CCTV products compared to previous times. Our well-trained sales engineers can help you choose the right CCTV Systems for your project. Call us today we are happy to help.

Importance Of Installing Security CCTV System

You may be hearing a lot about CCTV installations in residential areas that make it more appealing to buyers of the house or, those who wish to rent the same. There is also a good reason behind this. One cannot deny the fact that crime is on the rise and some unfortunate occurrences are taking place almost every day. Security cameras system of any kind can help to a great extent in identifying the delinquents which further helps the police in locating them and bringing them to book. This is the main idea behind the installation of security CCTV system.

There was a time when CCTV and the like were considered a luxury and only the corporate areas could afford to install and maintain them. Times, however, have changed. The threat to security is as much in the residences as it is in the corporate areas. People have been enlightened enough about this fact of life and have also understood the necessity of living in residences that are monitored through security CCTV systems or, for that matter, any other security cameras system as such. The uses of the mentioned are, however, not restricted to monitoring crime only. CCTVs can be installed for other purposes also.

Threats arising from other factors that can endanger life, life fires etc can also be detected by CCTV systems. Take, for example, if a fire breaks out in one section of a building holding condo apartments, the monitoring unit can detect the same and warn the others about the approaching disaster. The latter can take the clue and make necessary arrangements for safety. Similarly, if there has been a breach of privacy of a family living in the residential area covered by CCTV, help can arrive even if the former is in no position to ask for it. This is a massive plus point that is making CCTV systems very popular all over the world.

CCTV stands for ‘Closed Circuit Television’. The ‘closed circuit’ aspect refers to the fact that while in operation, CCTV can only monitor those areas that it covers and anyone outside the circuit will not be able to view or, monitor the same area. There are, nevertheless, many forms of Security Camera Systems that can have a wider range of features compared to that of CCTV system. However, when it comes to the security of buildings and other such common areas where many people reside together, CCTVs have proven their worth.

Hospitals, banks, departmental stores etc make the best use of security CCTV systems. Hospitals depend on it to monitor unauthorized entry into restricted areas and to keep a check on patients as well. Banks and departmental stores depend on it for the obvious reason of keeping hooligans away. While breaking into a bank can be difficult, stealing from departmental stores is an everyday business of local thugs. CCTV footage can help identify and locate them very easily. The affordability factor is no longer a concern now; because of which a maximum number of people are installing these systems in places they need it most.

How to Choose the Right CCTV System

A well planned CCTV System can provide the extra security that you have been looking for at your home or business. Before you buy any CCTV system, you need to know exactly how you want the system to benefit you. Whether it is facial recognition, number plate recognition or just a general overview of an area, there are many aspects that need to be considered before you buy your equipment.

Here is a brief overview of things to take into consideration when buying a CCTV System.

Take a detailed look at your home or business. Identify the areas you will want to cover with your cameras. Pinpoint any vulnerability on the property or specific areas which you need to pay close attention to.

After your initial survey, you now need to consider how many CCTV cameras you will need for your home or business. How big is the area that the cameras need to cover? This information is crucial when choosing the lens size of your CCTV cameras. Wide angle lenses such as 3.6mm will give you greater coverage but in lower quality and less detail. Narrow more focused lenses from 8mm upwards can be much more beneficial providing a smaller area of view but with much greater detail and quality. Anti Vandal dome cameras are great for vulnerable areas and when being mounted at low heights.

In low light situations, you need to consider cameras equipped with IR illuminators. The majority of external CCTV cameras on the market now come equipped with IR LEDs. IR Range can be used to gauge IR CCTV cameras, however only as a rough guide because some retailers state a much greater IR range and you will find results are more often than not less than stated. The IR illuminators on external CCTV cameras can also be very much focused on one area, so although they may claim a 30m IR range, the IR will reach these distances, but often you will find it is focused on a smaller area of your overall view. IR Cameras are often referred to as Bullet cameras.

Your choice of CCTV DVR is mainly dictated by the number of cameras your system has. If you require 5-8 cameras you will need an 8 Channel DVR. If you only need 1-4 cameras on the system you will need a 4 channel DVR. Once you have selected the number of channels you require you can begin to think about other aspects of the DVR that will affect your decision. Is your system going to be monitored or does it require high quality recording functionality? How long do you want to keep recordings for? The longer this time is, the larger the memory will need to be within the DVR.

When choosing your CCTV monitor, many modern DVR’s come equipped with a VGA connection as well as BNC connection. This means you can use most computer monitors and the majority of modern televisions are already equipped with a VGA connection as standard to connect your CCTV. If your chosen DVR does not have an optional VGA connection you also need to consider a monitor with BNC inputs. Nearly all CCTV DVR’s have a BNC connection to connect the monitor, as well as the more modern optional VGA connection.

Understanding your Security requirements

Main reasons for your requirement of CCTV security cameras will reflect the type of system you need. Some of the reasons for needing a security system could be:

  • Shop theft
  • Shop or home break-ins
  • Vandalism
  • Industrial espionage
  • The danger to individuals from attack.
  • Health and safety of individuals on the premises or site.
  • To replace or reduce manned guarding.
  • To supplement manned guarding, making them more efficient.
  • To monitor persons entering and leaving the premises.
  • To provide visual confirmation of intruders activating an alarm.
  • To monitor a remote, unattended site.

Reasons for a system could be endless. but for a particular site, there will finite reasons for considering CCTV. If they cannot be listed, you probably don-t need it.